Upcoming Events

Preview of upcoming events

In 2018 we have plans for a big cider yard sale to clear out all the odds and ends of ciders we have hanging around in the cidery.

We’ll probably do txotx again–the annual tapping of our Inclinado sidra from barrel, with a big Spanish throwdown of a party.

And we’ve got more cider workshops and educational opportunities percolating.

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About Artisan Alley 
Artisan Alley of Windsor is an association of independent, family-run producers and purveyors of small-lot, high-end wine, spirits, cider, and beer in Windsor, Sonoma County. Members include the following boutique establishments that are putting the “win” in Windsor! 

Colagrossi Wines, 7755 Bell Road
Sonoma Brothers Distilling, 7759 Bell Road
Tilted Shed Ciderworks, 7761 Bell Road
Two Shepherds Winery, 7763 Bell Road
Barley & Bine Beer Cafe, 7765 Bell Road
K Squared Cellars, 7975 Cameron Dr., Bldg. 1500-A