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Cidery & Tasting Room:
7761 Bell Road
Windsor, CA
707 657-7796

Open Saturday, 12 to 5 p.m. No reservations necessary. Tastings are $10 per person, waived with 2-bottle purchase. Children and well-behaved dogs are welcome. 

While you’re in the area, be sure to visit our great neighbors at Artisan Alley on Bell Road:

Colagrossi Wines (7755 Bell Road)
Sonoma Brothers Distilling Co. (7759 Bell Road)
Two Shepherds Winery (7763 Bell Road)

and soon, Barley & Bine Beer Cafe and Taproom (7765 Bell Road)!

Where to find our ciders:

Our ciders are primarily available in the California, with a handful of accounts in the New York metro area and Portland, OR. Because our ciders take up to two years to ferment and age, they are released at different times of the year. You likely will not find all ciders at the same time, nor at every location. But ask if you want more of our ciders!  With the exception of some Sonoma County accounts, our ciders are distributed in California via Revel Wine.

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